offre d'emploi RC2022/27CDD

L'Institut d'Études Européennes recrute: 

Un European Project Manager en études européennes pour un CDD à temps plein d'un an renouvelable.


Work Environment:


As a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, the IEE-ULB is recognized for its expertise in European Studies. The IEE-ULB carries out its own interdisciplinary research projects. At the same time, it promotes the work of its affiliated members on European issues within the associated research units and centres of its three partner faculties - the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law and Criminology, The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. The IEE-ULB develops an interdisciplinary research agenda established by the Institute’s Research Committee. The current agenda is based on four research themes that are articulated around political sciences, law, economics, history, values and global interactions: Europe as an area of freedom, security & justice; Europe as an area of economic & social regulation; Europe as a community of norms & values; and Europe in the world.

The hired PO will be a member of a team within the IEE-ULB dedicated to the implementation, coordination, and promotion of European projects. Under the direction of the shared Principal Investigator (PI) of both projects – Pr. Ramona Coman, the hire will collaborate with the Communication Director (M-I. Soldevila), and the senior project manager of the IEE-ULB (F. Ponjaert), as well as a designated member of the IEE-ULB’s standing secretarial staff.

Job description:

The selected candidate will be hired as a European Project Officer (PO).

It is a management-level Full-Time hire on external (EU) funding.

The mandate is granted for an initial term of 1 year.

The mandate can be twice renewed for a further 1-year

The hired PO will be involved in the implementation and coordination of two EU-funded research projects led by Professor Ramona Coman. The two projects in question are both dedicated to the study of the impact on EU policy instruments of the growing dissensus surrounding liberal democracy. The two EU-funded projects the hire would be involved with are:

  1. Firstly, RED-SPINEL on Responding to Emerging Dissensus: SuPranational Instruments & Norms of European Liberal democracy (Horizon Europe RIA project n°101061621
  2. Secondly, GEM-DIAMOND on Democratic Institutions, the rise of Alternative MOdels and mounting Normative Dissensus (Horizon Europe MSCA-DN proposal n°101073292)


The PO will be involved in the management of both EU-funded projects listed above. This will include ensuring the listed milestones, deliverables and reporting obligations are met in both cases. He/she will be primarily responsible for scheduling, coordinating, supervising, and reporting on the execution of scientific and outreach activities listed in the description of action of RED-SPINEL. Secondarily, he/she will support other members of the IEE team in executing the research and training associated with GEM-DIAMOND.


Essential missions related to the function:

in order of importance (and estimated % of work time)


The hired Project Manager will contribute to the following missions:

Mission 1 (50%)- Manage the Implementation and Reporting of the Scientific Milestones & Deliverables of the RED-SPINEL project, including by:

• Monitoring and Reporting on the progress made in terms of Milestones and Deliverables

• Ensuring the implementation of RED-SPINEL Supervisory Board decisions

• Preparation, minutes taking and follow-up for the project’s scheduled Supervisory Board and International Advisory Board meetings

• Facilitating and supporting the organization of RED-SPINEL’s scheduled research events

• Responding to inquiries, both from the constituent members of the project as from third parties

• Execute the necessary managerial duties related to Ethics, Data-Management and Reporting


Mission 2 (40%) – Support the Implementation of the associated GEM-DIAMOND project, including by:

• Coordinating the implementation of both projects with an eye on maximizing possible synergies

• Facilitate cross-fertilization and economies of scale between the two projects

• Support the Student Affairs associated with the GEM-DIAMOND project

• Support the organization of GEM-DIAMOND events

• Support the GEM-DIAMOND Supervisory Board and International Advisory Board meetings


Mission 3 (10%) – Enhance the Visibility of both projects, including by:

• Supporting the Integrated Communication for both projects

• Drafting communication and dissemination content for on both projects for the IEE websites, blogs, Podcasts, newsletters, and social media platforms.


Candidates must have a master’s degree, preferably in the Social Sciences.


General knowledge and skills:

Master professional English, both oral and written.

Have experience in some or all the following areas:

Additional general assets considered an asset include:

Job specific knowledge and skills:

Be familiar with (European) Project Management.

Support the valorising and dissemination of research and training activities by:

Additional specific assets considered an asset include:

Personal qualities:

Be a team-player and a team leader, as the hire will:

Be rigorous, organized, and detail oriented. The hire is expected to:

Bring a certain emotional intelligence and diplomacy to the table, as the work will involve:


Equal opportunity policy:

ULB's personnel policy is based on diversity and equal opportunity.

We recruit candidates on the basis of their skills, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, origin, nationality, beliefs, disability, etc.

Would you like to be provided with reasonable accommodation in the selection procedure because of a disability, disorder, or illness?  Please contact Sophie Veys, the person in charge of diversity aspects for the academic and scientific staff (sophie.veys@ulb.be). Be assured of the confidentiality of this information.

More details on the ULB gender and diversity policy are available at https://www.ulb.be/en/about-ulb/gender-equality-at-ulb.


Recherche contractuelle

Type contrat : CDD recherche contractuelle Temps de travail : Temps plein
Campus : Solbosch Date de parution : 08/06/2022
Date limite de réception : 06/07/2022 [Référence RC2022/27CDD]